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November 26, 2015

3 Tips to Banish Bad Hair Days

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We have all had them, bad hair days are inescapable. But, depending on the kind of hair you have your bad hair day could go from uncomfortable to catastrophe real quick.


Here is a breakdown of some common bad hair day issues, and advice on how to whip your locks into tip-top shape no matter where you are!



  • Frizz Ain’t Fun!


Frizz is potentially the most annoying of all of the hair problems, because it’s definitely noticeable and also very hard to control. If you have curly hair, then you know especially just how difficult it can be to tame all of your flyaways.


The Solution

Did you know frizz is a dryness issue? Try keeping a conditioning spray on hand to keep your tresses moisturized throughout the day.  It will add weight to the individual strands so that they will not sit up. If you have curly hair, it will also help to reshape your curls without totally ruining them.


  1.  Flat Line ___

On the opposite end of the spectrum, other days you leave your house feeling fierce and by the time you make it to your morning meeting you’ve already lost all of your volume. Don’t let some silly hair woes deflate your positive attitude though!


The Solution

The fix for this problem is actually pretty simple, it just requires a bit more attention. Try styling in with a volumizing texturizing spray and keep it with you. In order to get max volume, flip your head upside down and work it into your roots with your fingers.

When you stand back up, your roots, will be boosted and the rest of your locks with have a bit more dimension due to the texturizer.


  1. Curl Resistant

Curly hair is beautiful, but it’s frustrating to spend so much time creating cute ringlets and waves only to see that they’ve completely fallen after just a few hours.


The Solution

Resistance to curl or even short curl retention time can be really irritating! Keep in mind that the secret to keeping your curls lasting all day is by “training” your hair.  

Try dividing your hair down the center as if you were going to pull your hair into pigtails; section 1.5-2” sections and curl from the center of the strand.  After you release a section from the curling iron, spray with medium-hold hair spray and allow it to set.   

Once you have each side curled, sprayed, and set, twist all of the hair away from the face and twirl it into a small bun. This will twist the hair in the same direction you just curled it with your iron. Then, throughout the day, if you notice the curls beginning to fall out, part it down the middle, and twist the sides into a loose bun to revamp the waves.


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