November 23, 2015

Do You Have A Beauty School Checklist?

Avalon School of Cosmetology provides comprehensive beauty education.

Making decisions about your future is important. Make sure that you’re doing it right.
Your success as a cosmetology student is directly related to the satisfaction that you get from participating in the program. Use this guide to build your own “Beauty School Checklist” so that you are sure to find the school that is right for you.

Things to consider:

Think about your living situation and what you would like it to be. Most trade schools do not offer student housing. Will you need to move in order to attend the institution? Is that a feasible and sustainable financial option?

Scheduling and Flexibility:
In line with the consideration about how near the school is from you, also consider the course schedule. Do you plan to work while you’re in school? If so, you may consider attending school part-time in order to be able to balance the hourly requirement for classes and work.

Available Programs:
Be sure to speak with a school representative about what it is you would like to do after your education. This meeting will help make sure that you’re putting your efforts towards the right program for your goals. Are you seeking a barbering license, but aren’t as interested in learning how to cut and color and apply makeup? Also, verify that the school you’re looking into offers a program to prepare you for the State Board Exam.

Career Guidance and Placement:
Ask questions about the school’s graduation rate, their graduate placement rate, and the services offered by the school to guide you in your career planning. It’s good to know ahead of time if the school you select will help you find a job after you take the state board exam and receive your license.

Cost of Attendance and Fees:
Every school is different, so be sure to ask exactly what expenses students are expected to cover in addition to tuition. For instance, are you required to purchase a professional cosmetology kit on your own or can you purchase or rent one from the school? Did you know that professional makeup kits can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $2,200? Yikes! Knowing ahead of time what you’ll be responsible for could save you time and money, not to mention a headache.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships:
Funding is one of the main reasons, cited by students and people who have considered attending cosmetology, as why they chose ultimately not to attend or for not completing programs. It’s important to know what financial assistance options are available and the application deadlines.

Take these concepts and craft some specific questions of your own for your admissions representative. Remember, a successful student is a thoroughly researched one. These representatives love speaking with prospective students and will be happy to get you the information that you need to make a truly informed decision.

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