November 6, 2015

November Salon Specials

Winter is upon us! Don’t drag your feet getting your hair and skin prepared for the harsh weather to come. With all of the holiday parties soon to be on your calendar, you will need to save all the time that you can!
Lucky for you, Avalon School of Cosmetology has some great deals for the month of November.
Schedule an appointment or come into the salon before November 30th and enjoy any of the following specials.

Save 50% on Hot Tool styles and updo styles when you pay full price for a haircut.
Get your hair winter-ready by getting the dead, dry, split-ends from your hair and receive 50% off Hot Tool Styling. Not only will your hair be softer and shinier, but your stylist can also recommend some cuticle sealing products to help protect your locks from the harsh winter cold.

Receive 20% off all EMI Products
Speaking of harsh winter cold, your skin can also get really irritated and uncomfortable due to the dry air and lower temperatures; additionally people tend to bathe in much hotter water during the winter (understandably so) which inevitably makes your skin even more dehydrated.

get 50 percent off body and eaxing treatments when you pay full price for an Esthetics service

Prep for the winter with a facial or body treatment, buy one at full price and get one 50%off. With savings that big, you can probably get some holiday shopping done too!

Receive 25 percent off all Dermalogica and Image kits
Now is the time buy from Dermalogica, receive 25% off if you purchase before the end of November.

November is a month to give thanks, and Avalon is thanking you with huge savings and even better service!

Schedule an appointment at a location near you!

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