December 28, 2015

Industry Fun Facts: Why Do Stylists Wear Black?

Avalon School of Cosmetology offers locations in Arizona, Utah and California. What's the real reason that stylists wear black? All salons are different right? But it seems that they all have the same dress code.

Why isn’t a huge mystery or club secret – as far as you know – but this industry-wide “blackout” if you will is actually a fun part of the culture that ties all of us together.

What’s the REAL reason?
You can’t stain something that is already dark! Basically, wearing black is the easiest way to disguise the stains and dyes that splatter your clothes throughout the day.

There are a few other positive features of an all-black work wardrobe that deserve some attention.

Never Out of Style
Ironically enough, black is what you could call “evergreen”. Meaning that no matter the season or year, it will never go out of style. It is sleek, neutral, and sophisticated.

Never Out of Stock
Unike your favorite shade of fire engine red hair dye or the perfect plum colored lip stain, stores never run out of black clothing. Keep in mind that stylists don’t have to wear the same outfit, just the same color.
It seems restrictive at first, but after a while you find it hard to buy clothes that aren’t mostly black!

High Contrast, Low Maintenance
This isn’t so much a uniform benefit as it is for enhancing a stylist’s technique. Most salons will utilize black or very dark capes with light haired clients in order to create a line of contrast. It allows the client and stylist to see exactly where the neckline will sit and what the layers will look like.

So, it may not be the greatest industry secret ever revealed but it does shine a little light on our world. Looking for something more helpful? Check out this article, and learn how to avoid having another bad hair day!

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