May 19, 2016

Essential Beauty Steps to Start Following in Your 20’s

avalon-cosmetology-utah-arizonaIt’s probably safe to say that everyone has a unique beauty regimen that caters to their lifestyle and needs. But those needs change as you get older, and those changes are inevitable. Adjusting your beauty regimen early can help to prevent things like aging lines, wrinkles and more.

Check out these essential beauty tips that you should be following in your twenties, and see how your current routine stacks up.

Develop a Self-Care Routine:

This means more than just a simple “wash and moisturize” schedule. Self care isn’t just the maintenance that you do to keep your hair, nails, and skin looking healthy: it is the combination of things that you do to keep your mind and body healthy.  If you experience a lot of stress, you could look into setting aside time for something relaxing such as a facial or a massage. avalon-cosmetology-utah-arizona  

The key here is to incorporate the things that make you feel good into the routine that makes you look good!  Don’t forget that your diet and hydration levels make a huge impact on the health of your skin, hair and nails.


Sunscreen or something with SPF should find it’s way into your beauty routine as early as possible. If you haven’t ever given a thought to using sun protection daily, then your 20’s is the time to start!  If you’re not keen on wearing sunscreen underneath your makeup, you should consider adopting a moisturizer and or foundation with SPF of 30 or higher.

Why? Even when you’re not in sweltering heat for long periods of time, your skin is still being exposed to damaging UV Rays, and it takes a toll.  Start doing this in your early years and you’ll be thankful you did when you get older.

Visit an Esthetician AND a Dermatologist

An esthetician is a professional who can provide skin-care treatments like facials and peels, as well as recommending products to help you achieve your skincare goals. A dermatologist is a medical professional who can diagnose and treat skin conditions. If you struggle with blemishes or dryness an esthetician can likely help you to find products and a skin-care regimen that will alleviate it. However, if you suffer from acne a dermatologist can likely help to find the cause and make suggestions for treatment that work for you.

Both of these professionals are helpful to consult on a regular basis, to make sure that you’re following the correct treatment for your needs. Dermatologists can identify risk factors for melanoma and other cancers, the earlier you visit the better off you’ll be.

Give Eye Cream a Try

You may think that eye cream, or night creams is exclusively for aged women and your grandmother. In reality, there is no age limit on products like this.

The skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest on your body, which means that it is also the most sensitive and prone to damage.  Using an eye cream with something like retinol or other rejuvenating ingredients while you’re in your 20’s could be the difference between developing permanent bags and wrinkles, or maintaining a bright-eyed appearance.

Keep an eye on changes in your skin

This goes hand-in-hand with tips number two and three. It is vital to make note of any birthmarks, moles, and patches on your body. If you notice a change in shape, color, texture or sensitivity you should consult a dermatologist as that could be an indication that something more serious is happening. Or it could also be an indication that you need to change something simple, such as a product you’re using like makeup, soap, detergent, or moisturizer.

Avoid Smoking and Tanning

This should go without saying, but smoking tobacco fills your body with carcinogens and chemicals that both age your body and are linked to cancer.

Smoking causes your teeth to yellow and can also contribute to gum disease, not to mention the damage that it does to your lungs and throat.  

Tanning with beds and artificial light exposes your skin directly to the damaging UV-A and B rays that are thought to cause cancer.

Grayed textured skin belongs on alligators, and is totally preventable if you take the right steps while you still have the time.

Step up your beauty and health routine! Start by scheduling an appointment with an esthetician to find the parts of a healthy regimen that you may be missing.  Call now for an appointment in our salon and spa.

Are you more interested in the science behind the beauty? You’ll love what Avalon School of Cosmetology has to offer, check out our programs and speak with an admissions representative today!

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