June 24, 2016

10 Times that Avalon Students Inspired Us

Avalon School of Cosmetology students Inspired Us to be Great

Avalon School of Cosmetology is the school for dedicated, passionate and driven students. We seek to transform our student from beauty pupil to beauty professional, here are 10 times our students inspired us!

1 ... to be bold

An education from Avalon School of Cosmetology encourages students to think outside the box and to forge their own path. Be proud of your spark and the things that make you unique, they also make you a killer stylist.

2 … to be creative. 

The beauty industry demands creativity. Cosmetology school is a place to learn how to harness those ideas bouncing around in your head and turn them into beautiful works of art, or hair.
3 …to be fierce.

At Avalon, success is the ultimate metric. We want our students to champion every aspect of the industry that they want, so students are exposed to competitions and networks of professionals to allow them to do so.

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4 … to pursue our passions.

Some dream of a career for years before working towards it, and others spare no time in trying to accomplish the goal. Our students are encouraged to explore their passions, it all starts right here.

5 …to appreciate the little things. 

At Avalon, you’re family, and part of the fun of this journey is that you share it with incredible like-minded students who are just as excited about the work that they are doing as you are. Even on holidays, there is no place like Avalon.

6 … to enjoy the finer things 

Whether you want to work in bridal, events, as a freelancer, or in a salon our students learn about the nuances of each specialization and have the opportunity to practice in them before making a decision. The future is yours, you should get to decide what it looks like!

7 … to celebrate culture

Our students are exposed to culture and cultural identity from around the world.  The styling challenges presented to our students are only a portion of the learning they do at Avalon.

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8 … to dream big

These bright, eager faces were awaiting their graduation from the esthetics program at Avalon. We believe that your graduation day should be the first page of a brilliant new chapter in your life, not the final page to the previous.

9 … to give in to whimsy

Beauty is about passion, and mystery and excitement. Our students are afforded the opportunity to learn from one another and demonstrate the depth of their skills. Whether it’s whimsical or high-fashion, Avalon has a place for everyone.

10 … to have fun!

At Avalon, we believe that when you enjoy the wok that you’re doing you produce better results. This journey, is a personal one and we strive to make that journey as positive as possible for each student who embarks.


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