July 27, 2016

The Back-to-School List Cosmetology Students Need

Back-to-School_List_HeaderGoing to beauty school is an exciting time, but just because your makeup kit is provided by the school doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared with some extra supplies.

Depending on the schedule that you choose when you enroll, there is a good chance that you will be spending about 8 hours a day on campus, learning about the wonderful world of beauty and business.

Check out this list of life-saving items for beauty school students and get shoppin’!

1. Hair Ties/ Bobby Pins/ Elastics


This seems like a lame list item, we know. But think about the fact that once you’re on the salon floor you’ll be running around and busy the whole day. Of course we all want to say that we will show up each day with perfectly styled  hair, but sometimes you need to be able to just toss your hair into a bun and get things done.

Yes, you’re in a beauty school with a ton of hair and makeup supplies around you but it’s best to make sure that you’re stocked up so you don’t have to borrow out of your own kit.

2. Snacks

Did we mention that it’s not just a possibility, but a likelihood that you’ll be at school for entire days? The time flies when you’re learning and having fun, but it’s important to take care of yourself, keep snacks in your school bag so that on especially long days you have the pick-me-up that you need to be focused and alert.

Snacks really do make everything better.


3. Gum/ Mints

This is helpful to keep on hand in general. Chewing gum is said to help with focus, so if you’re struggling to keep up in lecture popping a piece of mint gum might be the push you need to stay on task.

Additionally, working with clients on the floor means that you will be sharing some pretty close space. It never hurts to have breath-freshening anything on-hand when you’ll be in close proximity with a lot of people.


Keep a travel sized stick of deodorant in your bag… You know, just in case.

4. Revitalizing Mist

You’ll learn quickly that beauty school is fast-paced and can be pretty intense. If you’ve never heard of revitalizing mist, it’s basically a mist or vapor enriched with vitamins or just pleasant aromas that help to refresh your skin.

It’s like a breath mint for your face and body, and it comes in really handy on busy days. Feelin’ a little tired and sweaty after a morning of styling? A few quick spritzes and you’ll be good-as-new.

Let us know what your favorite brands of mist are!

5. Essential Oils

On that note, keeping a bottle of essential oil with you can be huge help too! Peppermint and spearmint are great for the battling the afternoon sleepy feeling, while lavender and lemongrass are great for calming headaches.

If you’re not familiar with the art of essential oils, check these out and see if you find one that sounds appealing.

6. Extra Notepads/ Pens and Pencils

Make sure you’re able to take notes regardless of the lesson. If you’re observing services on the floor take notes about how your instructors are approaching techniques or about the set-up and break-down process for a color session.

Things move fast, and though you may be excited and pick things up quickly you’ll want to be able to study at home.

Be diligent about this and your future licensed-professional self will be thankful.

Is this list missing something? Let us know, snap a picture of your back-to-school supplies and tag us on Instagram @avcosmetology.

Interested in getting back to school? Learn more about our programs or call and speak with an admissions representative today.

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