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November 4, 2016

5 Vintage Styles We Want to Come Back

blonde woman coming through hair
Let’s face it, not all trends survive forever. Some styles come and go, and some are timeless. We are not begging for mullets to come back, and we really aren’t begging for permed, dyed, and teased mullets to come back, but we are wishing for some of the sexiest hair trends to reappear. Here are a few of our favorite vintage trends that we are really hoping make a comeback right now.

Victory Rolls

Volumized hair is nothing to be ashamed of. There is always room for some high-rolled hair. Named the victory rolls, this style was made for women with confidence. They sure do draw attention!

blonde woman with victory rolls

Wide Headbands

Thanks to the 60s, we have wide headbands. These bands fit almost any face shape, hairstyle, and person. Headbands can be worn casually or dressed up. Flared jeans or a dress will match this adorable hairstyle.

woman with wide headband scarf

Adorned Updos

Updos have been popular for a long time, but our favorite styles are piled high and accessorized with an adorable head piece like a headband, clip, bow, or pin. Thank you again, 1960.

woman with jewels in her hair

These women’s styles are begging for a comeback, but what happened to all the men’s trends? Here are two we want to see.


This style is definitely making its way back into the men’s hair trends scene. This style looks good on almost anyone, and it makes the ladies swoon.


Slick Back

Too much gel product can make the hair look greasy, but when it’s done right, it is the style that makes women ga-ga. There is something about a well put together man. This trend makes guys look like they put in a lot of effort to get gussied up.

man with slicked back hair

Are you interested in recreating some of these trendy women’s looks? Check out our blog post on 17 styles you can recreate yourself!

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