January 6, 2017

Why Avalon Works With MAC Cosmetics

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At Avalon School of Cosmetology, our world is beauty. Makeup is an art, a passion, a career, and more! We want the best for our students, so it’s no surprise that we are a MAC Pro Student Program. Why did we want to work with MAC Cosmetics?

The Quality

The quality of MAC makeup is phenomenal. During our Advanced Makeup Course, we teach:
– Color theory
– Bridal makeup
– Theatre makeup
– Makeup for all face shapes
– Highlighting and contouring
– And more!
We believe that the MAC makeup kit provided in our course gives our students all the assets needed to carry out all of the techniques and skills we teach.

A Professional Experience

Working with professional-level products can help our students become more prepared to work in a job setting outside of school. At the end of our Advanced Makeup Artistry Program, a professional photographer and models are provided to our students so they can capture their work and use it later on. Having experience working with MAC products is an impressive thing to see on a resume and in a portfolio!

The Diversity

MAC makeup provides us with the ability to show our students diversity in makeup. They can be used on a variety of skin tones, face shapes, and styles. Our students can learn everything from theatre to everyday makeup application, so the skills to adapt to each task and do it well is important.

The Longevity

The MAC kit that comes with our Basic and Advanced Makeup Courses can be used in a professional setting. When our students go on to work freelance, for a spa, or a salon, they can use the kit that they got here. Our makeup programs are focused on creating professionals in every way!

Are You Ready?

Do you want the opportunity to work with MAC products? Are you a flourishing makeup artist ready to step up your game? For a limited time only, you can enroll for our February 27th cosmetology or esthetics programs, and receive a FREE advanced makeup education! This course will provide you with not only a MAC makeup kit, but a set of Bdellium Tools professional brushes, too! For more info on our cosmetology program, request it here. If you’re interested in esthetics, request information on getting started here!

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