April 5, 2017

5 Qualities of a Beauty Industry Leader

Dreaming of the day you open your own salon or create your own product line? If you’re already in beauty school, you’re on your way there! While you’re learning to build and create your own business and hone your technical skills, there are a few other qualities you may want to focus on the personal side. Here are 5 qualities that every beauty industry leader does and should have.

    1. Drive

You must go out there and pursue things for yourself. In this industry, you’re the one person that is always going to look out for you. Take that job, make that leap, learn the newest techniques. Let nothing stop you from pursuing your dream. You can look to a few beauty industry leaders to see their drive:

Guy Tang

His hard work paid off after years of practice. He now travels around the world doing all sorts of shows and presentations. His latest achievement? His own product line. You could say that he’s driven.

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    1. Organization

To be successful as a stylist, you have to have lots of happy clients. To keep your clients happy and your book full, you’ve got to keep things organized. Keep a calendar of all your appointments. Make note of what the appointment will be about, and start planning ahead. Whenever you have openings, post it! Make it known the day before or day of that you have a last minute opening. Someone who can fill chairs quickly is going to build their reputation faster. Build a connection with your clients, and you will go far.

Avalon - last minute graphic

    1. Creativity

Famous leaders in an industry are creative. They problem solve and innovate using their creative powers. In the beauty industry, however, it is even more important for you to be creative compared to other industries. To become a leader you must set yourself apart. That means coming up with new ideas, trends, and techniques to place yourself at the top.

Wesley Palmer

An industry leader and Pulpriot platform artist, Wes truly takes creativity to the next level. Check out all of his amazing color work on his IG.

    1. Passion

To show other professional stylists that you are worthy of leadership, you must show passion for what you’re doing. No one likes someone leading them who isn’t 110% in the game. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Show off your skills, and love what you do!

    1. Skills

Prove yourself. If you want to be a leader in the competitive world of beauty, you’ve got to have the skills to back it up. Practice! Always be on your A game. Continue to learn even after school stops. There was never a leader who refused to learn and grow. You’ve got this.

Are You Star Quality?

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