April 14, 2017

Should I Book a Makeup Artist for My Wedding?

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In the end, the decision is entirely up to you as the bride. You can do your own makeup, have your bridal party help you, or you can book a professional makeup artist. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider booking a MUA for your big day and how to do it.

They Do This All Day

Professional makeup artists do makeup all day long. They are well versed in the techniques and styles that work best. If you can book someone who specializes in bridal makeup, you’re probably going to have an even better experience!

They Understand Skin Tones and Face Shapes

To become a talented makeup artist, you must learn what colors complement certain eye colors and skin tones, and you must also realize what styles and applications work with each face shape. While you might not understand why your eyeliner color doesn’t look quite right, they do!

Less Stress on You

Why have to worry about getting ready on your wedding day when you can feel pampered instead? There are a lot of elements in a wedding, and getting someone else to do your makeup takes another thing off your plate!

Match Your Bridal Party

If you can enlist an army of makeup artists (or one who is killin’ it alone), you can ensure that you’re perfectly in sync with your bridal party. Similar color palettes will make the group look more put together and fancy.

Get a Professional Look

The look you want or end up with might not have been something you could achieve on your own! Choose a style that you love.

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Steps to Follow When Booking a MUA

  1. Get to know them online. If you don’t already know a makeup artist, use Instagram and Facebook to track someone down. Ask family and friends for their recommendations in your area, and get the names of their profiles. Look at their work, and message them to talk about your ideas. Not everyone is going to be the perfect fit, so take your time choosing someone you will click with!
  2. Contact them in advance. The sooner you can connect with them, the better. You are more likely to get a day and time you want if you are chatting months in advance!
  3. Give them all the details. The day, time, color scheme, amount of people, and the style you’re looking for are all important details; make sure you are giving them to your artist! The more you can give them, the better they can plan and prepare. If you’re going to make any changes, tell your MUA before the big day, and don’t go changing things day of!
  4. Talk about pricing. No one wants to be caught off guard. It is normal to want to get pricing estimates from makeup artists. Don’t be shy!
  5. Tip! Just like hairstylists and estheticians, makeup artists deserve tips! 15-25% is typical, and don’t be afraid to give praise and feedback.

Interested in Becoming a Wedding Makeup Artist?

Check out our Makeup Artistry program, and contact us with any questions you have about getting started.

Are you booking a MUA for your wedding? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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