June 23, 2017

How To Wear Sunscreen With Your Makeup

It’s summertime! Time to enjoy the sun and look cute every day, all day. But wait! You don’t want to dry out your skin with a sunburn, but, at the same time, you don’t want to mess up your makeup with sunscreen. How do you protect your skin while protecting your makeup? Check out how you can apply sunscreen without messing up your perfect look.

The First Step

The first step when using sunscreen with makeup is to put an SPF on before you start applying your foundation. You’ll want to find a sunscreen with an SPF over 30. Take about a quarter size amount and rub it on your skin after moisturizer and before your makeup. Completely rub the sunscreen into your skin and don’t wipe any off. Make sure that your entire face and neck is covered when applying the sunscreen. Wait until the sunscreen is absorbed into your skin and your face is dry before applying your foundation. TIP: splurge on a lightweight lotion sunscreen so your makeup doesn’t look thick.

woman using sunscreen on the beach

The Second Step

Once your face is completely dry and your makeup is ready to be applied, try to use a foundation with moisturizer and SPF in it. You’ll want to switch all your powder makeup, like blushes and highlighters, to a liquid based product. Susan Posnick told Women’s Health,” You want to layer a cream over a cream. If you try to put a cream over a powder, it’s going to drag.”

Finishing Your Look

Once your makeup has been applied, you want it to last all day. Find a setting spray that has SPF in it, too. A spray that has a smoother spray pattern would be the best option. This way, it spreads evenly over your skin and doesn’t mess with your makeup. According to Refinery29, “Most setting sprays come out at a powerful speed that can leave dew drops on your perfectly blended makeup.” Continually spray the setting spray throughout the day like it is your sunscreen so that your skin and makeup remain protected.

woman relaxing on the beach

Maintaining Your Look

When reapplying sunscreen throughout the day it is ideal to use a physical block rather than a chemical one, as per to Refinery29. A physical block of sunscreen gives more protection from the sun’s rays. If you aren’t a fan of solid products, then a specialized pray on face sunscreen would be a more ideal choice. The downside to the spray sunscreen is the reapplication has to happen more often and more product has to be used.

Embrace the Summer Sun!

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen this summer. It’s better to add a few steps than dealing with red, dry skin later on. Any more tips you’d like to share for this summer season? Comment them below. To learn more about beauty and get a start toward a career, check out our cosmetology, advanced beauty and makeup artistry programs.

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