July 10, 2017

Places to Find Creative Inspiration

The beauty industry is home to some of the most creative minds. Great cosmetologists, estheticians, makeup artists, and other beauty professionals are often visionaries who can take an idea and make it a reality. Even the most creative people have to find their inspiration from outside sources, however. Here are some great sources of creative inspiration for beauty professionals that you can tap into when you need a good idea. These sources can be used when you aren’t on your A game and need some help, or when you just want to check things out for fun!


This social platform is an absolute gold mine of ideas. You can find so many different pins and boards with hairstyle ideas, makeup trends, and skincare hacks. One of the reasons this is such a great place to go when you want ideas to help your creativity are the pictures. Looking through pictures will immediately spark your mind and you will start coming up with awesome ideas!

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Movies and TV Shows

No good ideas? Relax and watch a couple movies or episodes of your favorite show. Watch a good variety from different time periods and pay attention to the hairstyles and makeup looks. The actors and actresses in these shows had beauty professionals do all their hair and makeup, so it’s a good resource. Hollywood is often where trends and styles start which is another reason it is a reliable place to get great beautification ideas.

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What is the most traditional and classic place to look for fashion ideas? Good ole’ fashion magazines, of course! Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and InStyle are a few popular and well-known fashion magazines that you could go to for great ideas. Get your hands on as many of these as you can. You can compare the pictures from each of them to find what looks and styles are trending. If you’re feeling super ambitious, cutting pictures out and making a big collage will almost certainly get your creative juices flowing!

People Watching

There’s some real characters out there, so take note. Go to a mall, park, or some other highly populated area and try to spot some super unique looks and styles. You can also just talk with people you know who have great style and taste. This can help you with ideas.

Social Media

We already talked about Pinterest, but there are other social media platforms you can utilize to follow beauty industry leaders and discover what they are up to. They can help lead and guide you down a path of creative success. Make sure you follow people like Ted Gibson, Jen Atkin, Guy Tang, and people with similar stature in the beauty industry. They are a good source to rely on for ideas.

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Hopefully this list of ideas on how to jumpstart your creativity helps you out! Start getting ready for your next big creation. If you want to learn more about becoming a beauty industry leader, contact us and check out our programs.

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