July 11, 2017

7 Insane Super Looks

Behind every superhero is a great beauty professional. You may have never thought about this, but it’s true. There was a makeup artists or a hair stylist that helped every movie hero save the day by making them look the part. Here are 7 examples of super makeup and hair jobs in Hollywood:

  1. Killer Gamora makeup and hair.
  2. Poison Ivy spares no time when it comes to doing her hair.
  3. Superwoman is here to save the day with an outstanding look!
  4. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to create an awesome spider web design for a great cosplay mask.
  5. Gold masking can be a fantastic way to create an out-of-this-world style for any dress up occasion.
  6. This kind of look is sure to turn heads!
  7. Unleashing the beast inside you with makeup skills is a great way to go.

Finding The Artist Within

Doing makeup, hair, or nails can be an awesome way to express your creativity and create incredible art. If you want to discover and improve your artistic abilities, contact us and check out our programs! Begin your journey with Avalon School of Cosmetology today!

Want to see more super looks? Check out our 2017 student look book.

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