August 22, 2017

Eyeshadow and Eye Color: How to Make Your Eyes POP!

We are firm believers that anyone can wear any color of eyeshadow and rock it! However, there are some colors that can really make your eyes stand out, depending on your eye color and skin color. When deciding what eyeshadow to apply, blend, and repeat, here are some colors you should consider to make your eye color pop!

Blue Eyes

If you’re someone with blue eyes, go for some warm browns to contrast the cool colors of the eye. Rosy metallic tones combine both warm and cool tones to bring warm color to your face and make the cool blue of your eyes stand out.

When searching for something outside of the neutral range, choose purples or dark blues to really make your color glow. Blue eyeshadow colors can create a harsh contrast with some colors of blue eyes, but if you go for darker shades of blue or purple, it makes your blue eyes even brighter!

Gray Eyes

Some blue eyes can be considered gray, where the eyes are so light that there is almost no color besides a little bit of blue or even green. Gray eyes are special because different colors of eyeshadow can bring out different colors in the eyes. If you want the blues to stand out, go for warm metallic shades or oranges and yellows. If you want more green, choose a deep purple or warm copper.

Green Eyes

Whether your eyes are a seafoam green or slightly hazel, there are a variety of eyeshadows you can use to bring out the beautiful color of your eyes. The best eyeshadow shades for green eyes are purples of any kind. If your eyes are more of a hazel with brown mixed in, you can still go for purple, but you can also go for shades that look great for brown eyes, too.

Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes can easily wear a variety of colors of eyeshadows. Some of the best colors for people with brown eyes are cool blues and purples and warm yellows and oranges. The cool colors are best for those that have a little bit of hazel mixed in the eyes, and the warm colors are great for those with a warm brown eye color. If you want to go wild, go for shades of silver or purple to create more color for your eyes and make your eyes pop.

Combination of Hues

Not all eyes are only blue, only green, or only brown. Chances are, you may have a combination of colors in your eyes. You might have some green in your blue eyes, or your eyes might be brown, with a hint of a hazel green. If you find that you have multiple shades, that just means there are more eyeshadow shades you can try, depending on what colors you want to emphasize in your look.

Which eyeshadows are your favorites? If you want to find out how you can apply gorgeous eyeshadow to make your eyes pop, check out our cosmetology or makeup artistry programs

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