September 14, 2017

Avalon Superskills: Winners Announced

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Seeing our students’ creativity and watching them master their skills is what we care about most at Avalon School of Cosmetology. We love watching our students take concepts and make them a reality, and strive to give our students every opportunity to do this.

The Avalon Superskills contest was one way of doing this. We asked our students to use their skills in beauty to create an out-of-this-world character. The results were stunning! Here are our winners from each category; their creations will blow your mind!

Entries With the Most Votes

  1. Artist: Tanya Marie
    Campus: Layton, UT
    Prize: $500
    Entry: Tanya definitely used her superpowers in hair and makeup to create this super look. This character was armed with an awesome haircut, perfectly blended hair color, and an intricate makeup mask. All this to create an insane super look that wowed the public to win the most votes. Way to go Tanya!
  2. Artist: Amber Marie Ortiz
    Campus: Mesa, AZ
    Prize: $300
    Entry: The incredible entry by Amber Marie Ortiz took a close second. Her under-the-sea witch had people voting for it left and right. Amber showed exceptional skill in hair color, design, and makeup artistry. Nice work Amber!
  3. Artist: Karen Yang
    Campus: Mesa, AZ
    Prize: $200
    Entry: The entry with the third most votes looks like she jumped right out of a comic book. Karen’s skill in makeup and hair made this model almost look invincible. Awesome work Karen!

avalon superskills judges chioce

Judge’s Choice

  1. Artist: Elizabeth “Hunter” Spendlove
    Campus: Layton, UT
    Prize: $500
    Entry: The character created by Elizabeth was the judge’s number one pick. Elizabeth did an amazing job with makeup to create a character from an ancient civilization that was out of this world! Elizabeth definitely showed us that she has stellar makeup and hair superskills!
  2. Artist: Anthony Haynes
    Campus: Phoenix, AZ
    Prize: $300
    Entry: The judge’s second pick was a student from our Phoenix campus. Anthony created a unique character with her superskills. The outfit, hair colors, and detailed makeup by Anthony wowed the judges and won their votes to take second place.
  3. Artist: Jeanette Rodriguez
    Campus: Alameda, CA
    Prize: $200
    Entry: The superskills entry by Jeanette Rodriguez has strong roots in flawless makeup artistry. The insane creative detail that Jeanette put into this character would go unnoticed in any forest or jungle, that’s for sure. Luckily the judges saw it and voted it into a third place finish. Way to think outside the box Jeanette!

Winning Voters

As part of the Superskills contest, several voters were randomly selected to win gifts as a token of appreciation for their interest and participation. Thanks for voting and helping our students gain recognition for their amazing creation and hard work.

Our winning voters are:

  • Jamie Gonzales
  • Lupita Perez
  • Pete Cooper
  • Jill Blomgren
  • Anthony Faraone

For you lucky winners, we will be reaching out to you via email so keep an eye out. You are also welcome to email us to claim your prize!


A big congrats to all our students who created amazing looks and showed off their exceptional talent. If you want to see more of the student work, search #avalonsuperskills on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You won’t be disappointed.

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