September 27, 2017

Avalon’s Best: Halloween Edition

Here at Avalon School of Cosmetology, we celebrate Halloween with more spirit than others. That’s because we know that beauty and Halloween go hand in hand. From crazy hairstyles to wicked makeup looks, we’ve seen (and created!) it all. Here are some of our best resources for creating your Halloween looks!

1. Creative Costumes for Halloween 2017

Have you been staying up at night wondering what creature, character, or monster you’ll be? Don’t worry! We’ve got the hottest trends right here.
scary clown halloween costume

2. Day to Night Halloween Makeup

Even though these costumes were trending last year, we find that the tips are still useful for people who might need to go straight from work to a costume party.
woman with shadow on her face

3. 17 Ways to Make Vintage Hairstyles

What’s old is new again in music, fashion, and costumes, too! Check out these vintage hairstyles that you can recreate for your Halloween costume this year.
woman with finger waves

4. Halloween Makeup Tips

Halloween 2014’s costumes are still relevant today. Wonder Woman and zombies are both bound to make an appearance in 2017. Use this guide to pick your easy-to-DIY costume.
woman with skull makeup

4. Early Ideas for Your DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s never too early to plan out your perfect Halloween costume, so put a little DIY to the test with some vintage looks that you can create before the rush!
woman in vintage clothes

BONUS: Pumpkin is the Spice of Fall Life!

Get our list of pumpkin-inspired beauty ideas to try at home while you enjoy your PSL.
pumpkin patch

Want More Halloween Content?

Do you love these Halloween ideas? Let us know which topics we should cover in the future by leaving a comment below!

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