November 9, 2017

The Internet’s Best DIY Ugly Sweaters

Ugly sweater parties are almost upon us! We found some of our favorite ugly sweater inspirations to help us prepare for the season. Some of these are so bad they are actually amazing! We thought these sweaters were so inspiring and garish that they simply had to be shared! Use them as your personal inspiration for any DIY ugly sweaters you might have in mind for the winter season.

Oh Christmas Tree

At first glance, this sweater just looks ugly and seasonal, which totally fits the bill. Once the hands go up, however, this sweater becomes the perfect living room window display! Just remember to feed this christmas tree both food and water to keep it from wilting!

Hats Off to You

Are you not satisfied with simply wearing an ugly sweater? You can try turning your entire head into a Christmas Day parade float instead! Recommended only for the holiday diehards, this look is guaranteed to distract party goers from your ugly sweater!


Pay homage to the eternally popular movie Christmas Vacation by attaching a squirrel to your sweater! If you’re having a hard time finding a squirrel at your local stores, try using a real one (actually, please don’t). We don’t recommend you eat the squirrel once your party is over, we’ve heard they’re high in cholesterol.

An Endeering Ugly Sweater

While we’re on the theme of gluing wild animals to sweaters, why not try this one? Few animals are more majestic or festive than the reindeer, which makes it a perfect candidate for mounting on a sweater! If nothing else you’ll have people turning heads because you have a deer jutting out of your chest.

Professionally Ugly

Want to participate in the ugly sweater fun but have to make a board meeting shortly after? Disappoint everyone at once with this garish suit inspired by the ugliest of sweaters!

This Sweater is Fire

Are you looking to lose all feeling in your arms in two minutes or less? Say no more! The Christmas mantlepiece sweater is perfect for wowing party goers and getting totally ripped arms at the same time!

Do you have a DIY ugly sweater you’ve rocked? Share it with us on Facebook!

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