November 3, 2017

Top Four Winter Makeup Tips

Winter is on its way! Whether you’re ready for the cold or not, it’s important to keep a few winter makeup tips in mind to make sure you are one with nature. Gone is the season for fluorescent nails and vibrant eye shadow. Here we look at the makeup looks you’ll want to be sporting as the holidays draw near. If you’re in places that are sunny and warm year-round, not all of these tips may apply to you!

Use Dark Eye Makeup

Vibrant and bright eye makeup is a super exciting and fun part of spring and summer fashion, but those colors will have to wait ‘til next year! Bright colors can be clashy and out of place for many winter getups, so you’ll want to swap to deeper colors to keep your makeup look in sync with the season.

Wear Moody Red Lipstick

Coral red lipstick is named “coral” for a reason: it belongs on a sunny beach. Unless you have the good fortune of living somewhere that is spared the harsh winter weather, there will be no more sunny beaches until next year! It’s time to upgrade to a moody maroon or burgundy lipstick to complement the deep reds of the season. Don’t worry, the coral red will be there when the weather warms up again!

Ditch the Bronzer, Bring the Blush

Bronzer is fantastic for contouring tan skin, but your natural tan won’t last through the winter! For most people their skin will get fairer and get a more natural blush to it. When wearing makeup, it’s important to bring that blush back out if you cover it over! It’s very endearing and makes the wearer look much younger.

Update Your Foundation

With the change in sunlight, your skin tone will change too. If you’ve been using a more tan foundation, you may need to switch as winter approaches! Watch and be mindful of how well your foundation blends with your skin tone as the season changes, and once the difference is starting to stand out, make a change to a fairer foundation. On top of that, many people deal with dry skin during the winter, so make sure to consider a moisturizing foundation if you’re worried about dealing with dry skin!

What’s the key to your most wonderful winter looks? Share it with us on Facebook, and check out or blog post on the difference between liquid and powder foundation to help you choose your new seasonal foundation! Want a throwback? Look at 2016 Holiday Hair and Nails.

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