January 15, 2018

Our Favorite Spring Makeup Looks for 2022

With spring just around the corner, celebrate spring 2022 by adding more color and boldness to your makeup routine. This is a good time to branch out of those cooler winter trends and to experiment with new makeup routines and brighter spring looks. Our beauty school students at Avalon Institute are well-versed in what is trending in makeup. If you consider yourself a makeup geek and look forward to the upcoming trends, you will love this article on the latest makeup tips. Read below on some of our favorite spring looks. 

Make Your Eyes Pop!

As the years and seasons pass, we evolve into a more daring approach to applying eyeliner. We are all about boldness and coming up with different makeup ideas for eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. This spring, expect to see eyeliner worn in different shapes, neon colors, and even the minimalist wing. Current trends include the blurred look – a more subtle blended method of eyeliner. Mix and match your eyeshadow colors to add more emphasis to your green, blue, gray, or brown eyes. Also, don’t forget the mascara to volume up on those lashes and make those eyes really stand out!

Color, Color, And More Color

Our makeup will continue to be inspired by nature with all of the vibrant spring colors. We know using a lot of colors can be intimidating. No need to worry!  A little goes a long way. If you are using a lot of color on your eyes, keep your face fresh and clean, to make your eyes stand out more than the rest of your features. Let your eyes do all the talking! Whether your eyes are brown, blue, or green, check out some tips on how to make your eye color pop!

Read Our Lips

Enhancing our lips has always been popular, and we don’t think it will ever change. Either going for a more natural look and sticking with colors that match your skin tone or expanding to bold and vibrant colors, you can’t really go wrong when applying makeup to your lips. This year’s trend is applying lip gloss with a bit of shimmer. Also, try the lip liner ombre trend! 

A More Natural Approach

Spring 2022 is the year to rock your natural beauty! Dewey cheeks, light mascara, full natural brows, and lip balm will give you that “no-makeup makeup look.” We are all about this beauty trend! Small amounts of makeup can really go a long way in making your natural features stand out. 

Springtime Means Prom!

With Spring quickly approaching, means prom is just around the corner! Our suggested springtime makeup ideas can also apply to your 2022 prom. Not only is the dress and makeup important in making your night special, but you can’t forget the perfect hairstyle to complete your gorgeous look! Check out our personal favorites and easy hairstyles you can wear to prom this year!

Your Makeup Spring Cleaning Checklist!

It’s also that time of year to give your makeup bag a do-over! Throwing out expired makeup and cleaning your brushes is the best way to show your skin some love! It is extremely important to keep up to date with your makeup bag, to prevent any bacteria from spreading. This also gives you the excuse to experiment with new products and styles! Check out some tips on how to spring into your 2022 makeup bag cleaning!

Rock Your Look

No matter how you wear your makeup, the most important thing is to wear it with confidence. Anyone can pull off any look with the right attitude. So wear that dark, lipstick or bold eyeshadow you always wanted to wear! Whatever you do, wear it with a smile. Share your favorite spring looks with us on Facebook




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