May 9, 2018

How to Grow Out Your Bangs

Are you totally over your super cute baby bangs from last spring? Don’t worry, it happens to tons of people every year, and they’re all left wondering: “What do I do with my hair now??” Growing out your bangs isn’t the fastest process, but it doesn’t have to be a painful one! We’ll go over some of our favorite hair hacks to hide your growing bangs that you can try for yourself!

Trim Regularly

Yes, you’re reading this correctly: Get your bangs trimmed as they grow out! There are a couple reasons trimming your bangs makes the process easier. First of all, your hair is healthier when it’s trimmed, which can promote hair growth through increased moisture retention and vitamin absorption. It’s counterintuitive, but it works! Second, trimmed bangs are much easier to style and blend into the rest of your hair. If you regularly trim your bangs, you can start styling your hair differently much sooner!

Braids and Bobby Pins

There’s no denying it, there is definitely an awkward phase when growing out bangs. It’s that phase when bangs are too short to be anything but bangs and too long to look cute like they used to. A quick and easy way to elevate your “in between” look is by pinning a simple braid across your forehead. It is quick, easy, and most importantly, makes growing out your bangs look cute! If your bangs are still too short to do this, then you can pin the hair straight back and rock that messy bun we know you already love so much!

If bobby pins aren’t your jam then try using a simple headband to keep those unruly bangs secure while rocking a relaxed and comfortable look. Headbands can be your best friend for hiding bangs of all lengths and styles!

Pick a Side or Part Ways

Once your bangs start getting a little longer you have new styling options to hide your bangs. If it matches your hairstyle, part your bangs in the middle. Blow dry those bangs forward, and if they’re long enough, use a flat iron to straighten each half away from the other. This way you can start blending your bangs into the rest of your hairdo. If a part down the middle doesn’t work for you, consider angling your bangs in a broader sweep across your forehead. Your stylist can help you decide which style works best for you!

Welcome Your Bangs Home

After about three months of growing out your bangs you’re probably ready for your hairstyle to come together! This is the perfect time for you to meet with your stylist and look forward to the future rather than work on growing out the past. If you’ve been trimming your bangs throughout this journey then this last stage should be pretty easy. Blend those bangs into the rest of your hair. To help them blend in better you can continue to bend them away from your face with a flat iron and integrate them with the rest of your look.

Style with Avalon!

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