June 29, 2018

Where In The World Can Beauty Take You?

Where can a cosmetology career take you?
Fashion week is coming up! As a beauty school this is such an exciting time for us. We love seeing all of the upcoming trends. The looks debuted on the runway influence trends in fashion and beauty, so we pay attention. This September check out the runways in New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Miami for all the biggest looks. Plus, all of these major cities are places where cosmetologists can find work. There are so many exciting jobs out there that many people might not think about when considering a career in beauty. Beauty is prominent worldwide. Opportunities are available wherever you choose to look!

Runway Makeup Artists

Fashion shows are huge events in the beauty world. Fashion Week is the most prominent, but there are many more than that! All fashion shows have one thing in common, they influence trends. The looks debuted at the shows influence trends in the beauty world for the current and upcoming seasons. It’s not only clothing that is being debuted at fashion shows. The hair, makeup, and nails of the models are also influencing trends. Imagine being one of the hairstylists or makeup artists to style the models before they hit the runway. What a thrill to see your work inspiring the beauty world. As a runway makeup artist or hairstylist you could travel to shows in all the major cities: Paris, New York, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Miami, Hong Kong!

Makeup artists backstage of a runway show with models.

TV/ Film Makeup Artists

While you are watching your favorite TV show or the latest movie do you stop to think about the actors’ and actress’ hair and makeup? Most of the time their looks fit so well with their characters that you probably don’t think about all the behind the scenes work that went on to achieve those looks. Makeup artists and hairstylists work behind the scenes of all TV shows and movies to style the actors. This means they get to meet famous people and work on film sets. This job requires long hours and dedication but is very rewarding. As a TV/film makeup artist or hairstylist you could travel the world working behind the scenes of various shows and films. These jobs are most common in places like Hollywood, New York City, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, and Toronto.

Member of a film crew with a clapperboard.

Stylist To The Stars

Celebrity makeup artists and hairstylists often have a very close relationship. This is a job that can take years to work your way up to. Stylists spend a lot of time in close proximity with celebrities they are prepping for events. It is an intimate experience to apply someone’s makeup and style their hair. So it makes sense that this level of closeness would require trust. Celebrity stylists often travel with celebrities to big events like movie premiers and awards shows. You can find them in big cities like Paris, London, Milan, New York, and Tokyo. Working as a personal stylist to a celebrity may seem like a longshot, but it is possible! Check out this interview with celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes for more inspiration.

Hollywood sign.

Editorial Stylist

You see pictures of models in so many places in your day-to-day life. Do you ever wonder what it’s like to do their hair and makeup? Editorial stylists work behind the scenes of photoshoots to create the looks and style the models. These types of jobs are usually freelance work. This gives you the freedom to travel around and find these opportunities as they come up. Editorial shoots are done all around the world for magazines, digital ads, album covers, and billboards. Most commonly you can find these opportunities in big cities like Miami, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. Editorial stylists have the freedom of schedule to travel to new places and meet new people while making money and doing what they love!

Two women modeling dresses and makeup in the desert

Beauty Influencer

It’s time to get savvy with social media! Take your love for all things cosmetology public and start creating for an audience. You will want to evaluate who your potential audience is, and what platforms they are using the most. While Facebook is consistently the most popular social media platform, a study by Invesp shows that the highest brand engagement is found on Instagram. Educating yourself on the best posting times, hashtags, and locations will be beneficial to building your online presence. As your audience grows, so will your engagement and influence. Beauty influencers are able to work for themselves by accepting sponsorships and brand ambassadorships from various companies. If you want to get inspired, check out our favorite beauty influencers in the Denver area!

Red haired woman searching on her phone

Beauty School Instructor

If you are passionate about beauty education, a career as a beauty school instructor might be perfect for you! Instructors are able to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the beauty industry with the next generation of cosmetology students. A beauty instructor program may cover teaching techniques, curriculum development, classroom management, and more! Learn more about our Beauty School instructor program here.

Woman applying makeup to another woman's face

If any of these careers sound appealing to you, consider getting a beauty education. An education in cosmetology is beneficial in preparing you for worldwide jobs in beauty. Being educated helps set you apart from the competition. Want to learn more about cosmetology school? Read our ultimate guide to cosmetology school! Have you ever wondered if beauty school is college? We have lots of resources available to you and you are more than welcome to contact us with questions.


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