June 5, 2018

Which Makeup Trend Best Fits Your Style? Take Our Quiz!

Makeup is our favorite way to showcase personality. Different trends work with different styles. Want to know which makeup trends will work best for your style? Take our quiz to find out.

Was your result accurate? Want some ideas for these looks and tips to achieve them? We’ve got them! Take a look at all of the trends and examples below!


You like to stick to the basics. You don’t spend too much time on your makeup. You would much rather get your beauty sleep! The products you use are chosen carefully. You don’t mind spending a little extra on good quality makeup because you know it will last longer.

We love the no-makeup look like this one…

There can be different levels of the no-makeup look. Check out this tutorial for some basic 3-minute, 5-minute, and 10-minute looks!

The focus here should be on brows and lashes. Check out this tutorial to get the perfectly shaped brow:


Glamour girl! You love makeup. You love to try out all the products and are always keeping up with the latest trends. You have a makeup drawer, not bag, because who can fit all of their brushes and palettes in one bag?! Here are some of our favorite glamorous looks right now…



This summer take the leap and go for that bright red lip you’ve always wanted to try! Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect lip look:


You know how to rock those Wednesday Addams vibes. Black clothing is not seasonal
and neither is a good smokey eye. Your makeup bag is filled with dark shadows, bold lips, and the best eyeliner. We love how easily this look can transition from day to night…

For daytime rock a smokey eye with a nude lip:

Then easily transition to nighttime with a dark plum lip:

Check out this tutorial to help achieve an easy, everyday smokey eye:


You are all things dainty and gentle. Your makeup reflects your personality in this way. You gravitate towards soft shades of peach and pink. Your look is subtle yet glowing. You know how to use blush to give your cheeks that slightly rosy touch. You splurge on lipstick because you have to find that perfectly versatile shade to match all of your gorgeous summer dresses!

We love this flawlessly delicate look…

And this one…

Want to know how to apply blush based on your face shape? We’ve got a tutorial for you:

Do you love all things makeup? Check out some of our makeup blogs and take our beauty tools quiz (links below)! If you want to learn to be a makeup trendsetter consider our Makeup Artistry Program!

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