August 23, 2018

New Careers in The Beauty Industry

New careers in the cosmetology industry
The beauty industry is always evolving and changing, developing new products and procedures to help people look and feel their best. Cosmetologists have the opportunity to build their careers around these new technological developments, so we want people to know about them! Here are just a few of the hottest recent trends in the beauty industry that you can specialize in as a beauty professional.

Microblading & Permanent Makeup

Tired of getting up early to ‘put your face on’ each day? So are many people! Microblading is an increasingly popular alternative to doing your eyebrows each and every day. This procedure is a type of tattooing where eyebrows are permanently or semi-permanently tattooed into the brow. They’re convincing, gorgeous, and often look better than the real thing. The requirement to become a microblading technician varies state by state, with some requiring a full tattoo license while others will only require a microblading certificate, among a few other things.

Permanent makeup is another service that often falls under the same category as microblading. This is because permanent makeup is also a type of tattooing that tends to specialize in permanent lip and eye makeup. It’s a great way to get your done-up look finished for the next few years! If you’re a beauty professional looking for a way to expand what you can do for your clients, consider learning microblading and other permanent makeup procedures!

Woman receiving a microblading treatment.

Special Effects Makeup

If you’ve seen a horror or sci-fi movie lately, chances are you saw the work of a special effects makeup artist! Special effects makeup involves mold sculpting and creating 3D prosthetics. As a special effects makeup artist, you might be able to work on television or movie sets, or for specific events! We offer a number of advanced beauty courses, or specific special effects tricks can be found online through tutorials or YouTube videos.

Woman dressed as an elf poses in a forest


While we’re talking about advanced cosmetic techniques, let’s talk about dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique where a scalpel is used to remove the top layer of dead facial skin, along with any “peach fuzz” that may be present. It’s a great way to get a hyper-smooth exfoliation while removing hair at the same time. Microplaning also has the added benefit of stimulating cell regrowth, which can reduce scarring, reduce wrinkles, and more. Dermaplaning falls under different regulations from state to state. In some states, estheticians are permitted to dermaplane without any additional training, while other states prohibit dermaplaning unless it is performed by a medical professional. Check with your local state legislature to see if it’s a service you can provide for your clients!

Woman receiving dermaplaning.

Lash Extensions

Time for something a little less stabby: lash extensions! Semi-permanent lash extensions are all the rage these days, and it’s where beauty professionals can make some serious money. From a business model it’s the perfect product and service: the outcome is fantastic, and clients are required to return regularly for reapplication. Lash extensions practically sell themselves!

Woman getting eyelash extensions.

If lash extensions are so great, how do they work? The semi-permanent lashes are glued individually to a client’s natural lashes one at a time, which is why it requires a trained technician to apply them. The training required to work as a lash technician varies state by state. Some states do not require certification or formal training, while others require certification after completing enough training hours. Regardless of what your state requires, formal training is recommended so you can provide the best quality services for your clients.

Learn Lashes at Avalon

Whether you’re a budding cosmetologist or someone who’s been in the industry for years, these new services are a great way for you to expand your service options for clients. Contact us to learn more about our lash extension course, or our master esthetics course where you can learn about dermaplaning!

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