September 20, 2018

Quiz: What’s The Perfect Halloween Makeup Look For You? [Updated 2020]

Whether or not you have big plans this Halloween, Halloween is still the perfect time to embrace your passion for makeup and showcase your creativity. If you do have plans, we hope you’ll celebrate safely, but even if you’re staying home this year, you can do your makeup and display your skills on Instagram!

If you’re feeling a little stumped on what costume to try this year, take our quiz to get inspiration for the perfect Halloween look for you!

Tips To Create the Perfect Costume

Rely on the Makeup

If makeup is your passion, Halloween is the perfect time to let it shine! Experiment, experiment, experiment! You can use a variety of techniques to create a look that is either scary or cute, depending on what your personal tastes are.

For a clown, sometimes you don’t even need to think about the outfit, and creating a creepy makeup look is all you need.

Woman wearing clown makeup

For an animal, you can create the features of the cat, deer, or more with eyeliner or face paint. And, depending on what animal you choose, it could be a subtle everyday look you can easily spruce up for evening festivities.

You can also choose to spruce up the special effects by adding a titch of stage blood. After all, what better time to practice your makeup illusions than Halloween? If you need a little inspiration of what you can do, check out this look created by an Avalon School of Cosmetology student last year.


At the end of the day, don’t forget to take your makeup off for the night! That can keep your skin healthy and prevent a future breakout.

DIY vs. Store-bought

Your Halloween costume doesn’t have to break your budget to create. Sometimes, you might have everything you need on hand! While a pre-made costume works well if you want something more elaborate, you can consider making your costume from scratch this year.

If your perfect look is a witch, keep it simple by investing in a cute witch hat, but supplement it with a black outfit you might already own. A Black dress, fishnet stockings, and a black shawl might be all you need to build a witchy costume.

Add a New Twist

You don’t have to go classic for your Halloween costume. You can add a modern twist, if you’d like. Maybe if you’re going for a vampire theme, instead of wearing a cloak and fake teeth, you could decide to put a few dots of stage blood on your neck as a vampire victim!

Of course, if you want something more extravagant, see what people have done in fashion and hair shows! Something we loved seeing was these Avalon School of Cosmetology students creating these stunning looks during a hair show. These would be the perfect Halloween costume (and a good excuse to create these stunning looks once again).


Share Your Makeup Looks With Us

Got big plans for your Halloween costume this year? Share your look with us on Instagram, and you may be featured on our feed. We love seeing the creativity of each of our students, and Halloween is one of the best times to show it off!

If you want makeup artistry to be more than just a costume, check out our cosmetology or esthetics programs. We sometimes offer advanced makeup courses. Contact us to learn about our makeup artist program and how you can use it to build a career out of it!

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