November 10, 2018

How to Get That Hair Volume

How to Get Extra Hair Volume for Us Fine (Haired) Ladies

We all want that full, lush hair, but not all of us are blessed with it. If you’re a fine-haired beauty who occasionally struggles to get that extra volume, never fear. We’ve come up with a few tried and true easy steps, tips, and tricks to help you get some absolutely voluptuous hair right from your own home.

1. Start With a Thickening Shampoo…

Choosing the right shampoo will set your hair up for success. Many people think they need to wash their hair more when really they just need to wash their hair smarter. We recommend an invigorating shampoo, as it will create blood flow to your scalp. This will lead to more hair growth, and as an added bonus will help with hair density. The more hair you have, the easier it is to get that coveted volume.
Closeup of young brunette woman washing her hair in the shower

1.5. And Then a Volumizing Conditioner

You should still apply the bulk of the conditioner from the ponytail area down, and finish by running it through your roots. This is because conditioner can weigh down finer hair, which will deplete the volume. (If you find you have a lot of build up from conditioner, you should try a cleansing shampoo once a week, as it will remove the build up.) While it’s good to make sure all of your hair is conditioned, the conditioner should be focused more on the ends of your hair as it will help hydrate them. Hydrating the mid to end of your hair can help with dry or damaged ends and help promote an overall healthier looking hair.

Tip: Steer clear of sulfates in your shampoo, they are not your friend. Sulfate is typically in shampoo because it cuts through grease quickly and creates that nice foamy wash, but it also damages the lipid barrier & natural oils found in your hair.

2. Give Your Hair a Volumizing Blow-Dry.

Many women skip an important step in their at home blow-dry, heat protection spray! After protecting your hair, flip your head over and start by blow-drying with a good round brush. You should do this only until your hair is no longer damp, as doing it for longer can cause the cuticle to remain open and leave your hair more damaged. Next, flip your hair back over and blow dry the rest of your hair in sections, while still using the round brush. This helps your roots to dry in more of an ‘up’ position, which creates more volume in your hair.young smiling woman in robe blow drying her hair with a round brush
Tip: Use a hair diffuser for even more ‘oomph in your locks. A diffuser will help the air flow while drying your hair, and will create less frizz from the heat.

3. Follow With a Good Old Fashioned Tease.

If you aren’t a regular hair teaser, make sure you are teasing with caution. Too much tease or too rough of back combing can cause damage to your hair. You should only be teasing the hair in your crown area. Start by taking a thin top layer of your hair and leaving it out of your teasing. This will insure that your hair lies flat and the top layer still looks nice, without having the teased part of your hair at the very top. We know, it’s been a big trend in the past (and in some areas, still is) to tease your hair all the way down. With proper washing and a volumizing hair dry, this is not necessary! You only need to tease the first couple inches of your hair. We recommend using a teasing comb, as it will help you add volume to your hair without damaging it.
Hands of hairstylist using teasing comb to tease woman's hair
Tip: Switch up your parting for more volume in your daily look. Simply flipping your hair to the opposite side of your usual part will give you easy volume.

4. Use That Root Lift!

Depending on what kind of root lift you prefer, this could also be done before blow drying your hair. We’ve found the best root lifts are some with a bit of hold and should be spritzed on your roots once dry to help them stay full all night long. If you prefer a mousse lift, that’s great too! The point of a root lift is to help exemplify the roots of your hair, while giving it a bit of hold so they don’t fall flat throughout the day.

Tip: Make sure you hold your rootlift a couple inches away from your hair when sprtizing. The last thing you want is crunchy looking roots! Hold your hair, spritz, and continue to hold your hair while the root lift dries. This will help your hair volume stay even longer.

5. Think Big… and Use That Hairspray…

Sparingly. While hairspray is good for making sure this added volume stays, you don’t want to use too much of it. Using a hairspray with a nice shine will help finish your overall look, and a little bit goes a long way.

Tip: Do NOT flip your head upside down before spraying. This will cause your hair to be crunchy, stiff, and can ruin the polished look you’ve been going for.


    volumizing hair tips:

  • If you are still struggling to get that added volume, set your hair with velcro rollers for some extra lift.
  • It can be tempting for us lazy gals, but do not sleep on wet hair. This will not only damage your hair, but will also kill any natural volume you have. Be sure to always dry your hair before sleeping.
  • Get highlights (or lowlights) to help create a more dimensional and voluptuous look with your hair. Getting highlights will also ‘rough up’ your cuticle a little bit, which will help your hair hold volume longer.

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