November 1, 2018

New Avalon Campus in Aurora, Colorado!

We have exciting news about Avalon School of Cosmetology: we’re opening a new campus in Aurora, Colorado! This growth wouldn’t be possible without the incredible students, instructors, and staff that help Avalon be successful. The new campus brings excitement and opportunity for our future students, so we’re excited to see what our students and staff can do next.

Why Aurora, Colorado?

Aurora is a gorgeous suburb of Denver, Colorado, which gives residents the opportunity to live somewhere nice and quiet while also living within a short bus ride of many exciting things within Denver itself. The new campus is located at 2231 South Peoria Street in Aurora, which is only a couple miles from the Denver city center.

About the New Campus

Avalon is buying a beauty school named Xenon Academy that is already at the 2231 South Peoria Street. We’re buying this campus because it allows us to start classes right away, rather than having to wait until we can hire new staff and collect students. Purchasing an existing school allows us to hit the ground running and avoid common growing pains that come with opening a completely new location.

So what does this all mean for current students and staff at the new Avalon location? Not to worry, life will continue as normal. We want current students to remain as undisturbed as possible, so we want classes to continue without disruption. Changes may come in the future to give the school the necessary Avalon touch, but for now students will be able to stay the course with the programs they are in.


The Aurora campus will have the same program start dates as any of our other campuses, and offers many of the same courses. Cosmetology and esthetics will be available, but for the first time we are also offering a new barbering course! This is also the first campus we’re offering a program at exclusively for barbering, and we’re excited to see how our students enjoy it. We’ll also be offering our makeup artistry and eyelash extensions add-on courses to help students find ways to expand their opportunities.

Learn More Today

Looking for a way to jump into a new future? Consider a future with Avalon School of Cosmetology! Our beauty programs are designed to help our students be successful beauty professionals after graduation. If you have an interest in cosmetology, esthetics, or barbering, contact us to learn how you can get started today!

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