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January 30, 2019

Cosmetology Courses for High School Students

Cosmetology courses for high school students

For those of us with a passion for beauty, it often started at a young age. There’s no need to delay perfecting your beauty skills, high school is a great time to begin thinking about beauty school. Going from high school to cosmetology school can be intimidating and confusing, but we are here to help break it down for you.

Can I Enroll While Still in High School?

Most beauty schools require students to be at least 16 years old to enroll in their courses. This means it may be possible for a junior or senior in high school to begin their cosmetology training while still attending high school. However, some beauty schools also require students to have a high school diploma or GED before enrolling. Take your time to look into the schools that offer classes for high schoolers and which programs are available. You may find the perfect fit!

Vocational High Schools

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Some vocational high schools also offer cosmetology courses or partner with local technical schools for these courses. They allow you to study beauty topics while earning your high school diploma! These practical classes can give you an introduction to cosmetology and the chance to begin your cosmetology education before you have graduated from high school.

High school vocational and trade programs have existed for decades and can teach you practical skills and give hands-on practice in the trade. These programs also sometimes allow you to complete internships in the field for extra experience. When these programs are focused on cosmetology, students can learn more about hair design, skincare, and nail treatments.

Students who complete these programs must still continue their education at a post-secondary beauty college and test for a cosmetology license in the usual manner. Sometimes the hours gained can be counted toward the hours required for certification, though.

Dual Enrollment Programs

In dual enrollment programs, students usually enroll at a local beauty school for a few lecture-style courses during their junior or senior year of high school. Typically, you can get up to three hours a day toward certification. This helps hit the ground running before officially enrolling in your choice of school.

If you start during your senior year, the hands-on training typically does not begin until after high school graduation. If you begin dual enrollment during your junior year, however, there is a chance hands-on training could begin during your senior year of high school. This means that you could be both enrolled in high school and actively working in the school’s salon. Depending on the state’s hour requirements, there is a chance you could test for certification not long after high school graduation. Make sure to do your research on which schools around you offer dual enrollment programs.

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Find More Information

If you are interested in getting started on your cosmetology education, Avalon School of Cosmetology can help. We can give you information on cosmetology courses for high school students, state requirements for certification, and how to enroll in beauty school.

If you’re ready to get started with concurrent cosmetology school and high school, our Layton location offers concurrent enrollment classes for high school students. Our other locations also work with high school students. Contact the Avalon location near you to learn more.

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