February 1, 2019

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Touring a Beauty School


Getting a certificate or a diploma in cosmetology school can jumpstart a rewarding career. However, since going to school requires some significant investment on your part, you have to be careful about what to study and where to go. Before you fill out that application form and enroll in your first class, here are some questions you need to ask:

Is the School Accredited?

Not every beauty school is accredited, which is why you need to know if the school you are considering has passed local and state accreditation. An accreditation is a professional acknowledgement granted to a school or institution by an independent party. It indicates the school has passed a specific set of standards in teaching and training students for a career in the beauty and personal care industry. As such, accredited schools are more likely to offer high standards of education through a well-balanced, comprehensive, and updated curriculum.

What Types of Programs are Available?

Although majority of beauty schools offer the most popular courses, they may not teach the specific area of interest that you want to specialize in. Look for a school with the specific program options you are most interested in. It is also a good idea to inquire about class schedules, especially if you are currently working or intend to join a class part-time. Many beauty schools offer night and weekend classes that you can attend as your schedule allows.

What are the Requirements For Students to Start a Course?

Beauty schools often require students to meet certain age and educational requirements prior to acceptance. Most schools set the minimum age at 16 years and require students to have completed their high school education or equivalent. Although schools may set minimum standards before accepting a student to a program, they also have to comply with state requirements, so it pays to check those too.

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What Courses Will Be Taught?

Specific techniques are important not just for building your skills but also to ensure that you learn relevant methods. Because beauty and personal care trends come and go quickly, you will need to learn modern techniques as well as the most basic ones.

What are the Payment Options?

Many beauty schools offer financial aid to students or accept scholarships from third party sponsors. Keep in mind that going to beauty school is a commitment, so be ready to face the financial aspects of preparing for your future as a beauty expert. Knowing how much it costs will help you decide whether or not you can handle the expenses and what you can do to ensure you meet your obligations. Getting a good training does not come free, so cost and payment concerns should be some of the main questions to ask when touring a beauty school.


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