March 12, 2019

Brittany Del Toro: Taking Her Avalon Education to New Heights

We love hearing about the successes our students have after graduation. We were lucky enough to talk to Brittany Del Toro, an esthetics student who went from working toward becoming a dental hygienist to a professional esthetician, plus becoming a co-founder of The SCIN Seminar to help other beauty professionals learn how to build their personal brand on social media.

Check out Britt’s story as she took her education in esthetics to the next level.

Brittany’s Story

After struggling with acne and the health of her skin after having her boys, Brittany went to get a facial as a present from her husband. Her esthetician started talking about her experience as an esthetician, and it inspired her to switch her education path from a dental hygienist to esthetics.

She loved the idea of learning what really goes into proper skin care: the ingredients, the science, and what you can actually do to have beautiful, smooth skin. She learned how to take care of her skin and gained the confidence she needed to help others achieve the self-confidence that comes with being comfortable in your own skin.
Avalon School of Cosmetology alumnus Brittany Del Toro
This journey took a lot of hard work, but she made it! She explored a variety of schools in the area, looking for ones that were close to home but provided a good education. In the end, she chose Avalon School of Cosmetology because she felt that the instructors actively wanted her there.

Britt’s most memorable experiences while in school were during the first few weeks of class. Her first instructor inspired her and kept her motivated, and when graduation day came, all the instructors and students joined in the celebration.

Brittany graduated from our Mesa Campus in September 2017 and continues to work hard and learn everything she can about proper skin care.

Overcoming Her Challenges

We loved the attitude Brittany had in conquering her challenges. When things weren’t going her way, it inspired her to work even harder and be more motivated to get good grades and start working toward getting more clients.

She told us about her struggle to find a career after graduation and the relief she had once she found her internship and where she wanted to go next. She believes everything happens for a reason and is happy where her future took her.

Her Advice for Future Students

When we asked Britt what advice she would give to students, she gave us inspiring insight on her journey and overcoming her challenges. She wants students after her to take their education very seriously and know that it’s okay to not know what to expect. She also told us that you should always take the time to learn and ask questions. One of her philosophies is “never stop learning.” We love her outlook on life!

One of the biggest pieces of advice she gave us:

“Put yourself out there on social media.”

Book portfolios are a thing of the past. Instead, Instagram is the beauty professional’s new portfolio. She encourages future students to use their Instagram feed as their portfolio and personal brand. You can tell she follows her own advice, as she rocks her own Instagram feed!

A screenshot of Brittany Del Toro's Instagram feed.
As Britt started to build her own brand on Instagram, she realized there weren’t a lot of resources out there on how to do it. It inspired her to become a co-founder of The SCIN Seminar, an organization focused on helping those in the beauty industry who are struggling with social media and gaining clientele.

About The SCIN Seminar

The SCIN Seminar is all about elevating your personal brand. The speakers are beauty professionals providing advice and inspiration made for beauty professionals.

These seminars are a great opportunity to get to know other professionals, and get inspired on how to take your brand to another level. Plus, it gives attendees a unique opportunity to network and get to know others who are passionate about all things beauty.

Seminars include topics such as:

  • Streamlining Your Personal Brand and Mission
  • Aligning Your Business Brand and How to Integrate It With Social Media
  • Retail Sales Strategies
  • Best Practices for Retaining Clients/Patients

Make sure to check back often for their upcoming seminars!

Where You Can Find Britt Now

Brittany is a proud mom whose first and number one priority is to take care of her four boys. She currently works as a professional esthetician and spends her time helping with The SCIN Seminar too. Want to check out Brittany as she continues on her journey as an esthetician? You can find her on Instagram as @britt_deltoro.

Feeling Inspired?

Do you have a similar passion for helping yourself and others achieve beautiful, glowing skin? Start your journey the same way Britt did and explore a future in esthetics. Learn more about our esthetics program or schedule a tour to get started!

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