April 1, 2019

Can High School Students Enroll in Beauty School?

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You love beauty. Your friends ask you to do their hair and pamper them at every sleepover, junior prom was the biggest night of your life so far because you got to show off your makeup skills, and you dream of a job in a salon or spa.

Even though you may just be in high school, there’s an opportunity for you to start working toward your dream of a career in cosmetology (or barbering!) right now. It’s called concurrent enrollment, and Avalon Institute in Layton offers it!

What is Concurrent Enrollment and How Does It Work?

Concurrent enrollment means you’re enrolled in education in two places: your high school and Avalon in Layton. We work with Davis and Weber County school districts to get seniors in high school learning beauty at the same time they’re learning in a traditional high school setting. You earn two elective credits per semester at your high school, and you can start in the fall or spring semesters.

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What Are The Benefits of Concurrent Enrollment?

Many of our high school/beauty school students find the biggest benefit to be doing what they love while they finish their formal high school education. What’s not to love about going from math class to makeup class all in one day? Other benefits include:
The opportunity to finish out beauty school sooner after graduating high school versus waiting until you graduate to enroll.
Working in a salon-like environment.
Working with professional product lines while you’re learning.
Earning elective credit for your high school graduation requirements.

When Will I Be Going to Beauty School?

When you’re concurrently enrolled you’ll attend Avalon classes during your school day five times a week (Monday through Friday). You can finish your beauty program and begin your future in less than a year from the time you graduate high school!

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How Can I Pay for Concurrent Enrollment?

The biggest question our concurrent enrollment students ask is about cost; how can I pay for it? The tuition for Avalon is discounted and the district can help you pay for your beauty education. After you graduate high school and are finishing out the rest of your program, you can apply for the Avalon High School Scholarship. It’s a $2,000 scholarship for students who have recently graduated and are passionate about finishing their education with Avalon.

I Want to Start!

Go from classrooms and lectures all day to learning alongside fellow beauty mavens at Avalon! Contact us today to learn more about getting concurrently enrolled! We can’t wait to help the next generation of beauty master their skill sets.

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