March 16, 2020

Student Spotlight: Chelsea Davis Pursuing Her Creativing Journey

Chelsea is a student at Avalon School of Cosmetology in Mesa. She was nominated by two of the instructors here at Avalon School of Cosmetology for Student of the Month for February 2020. This award is a huge honor, and we’re happy that Chelsea has earned it! She is a grade-A student who is attentive, eager to learn, and passionate about her journey. We are all excited to follow her alongside her career path in our cosmetology program. We interviewed her to find out how she got started, and what her ambitious plans are for the future.

But first, here is what two of our educators had to say about Chelsea!

“I nominate Chelsea Davis for student of the month. She is such a pleasure to have as a student. Chelsea is incredibly ambitious, attentive, patient and eager to learn, and assist clients. She always goes above, and beyond, and pushes herself to higher levels. She will be an incredible stylist one day with her undeniable talent, and customer service skills.” – Kathleen Ballard

“Chelsea is a great student with an ambition to learn and be the best she can be when she is here. She is always asking questions not just to one instructor but to all to ensure she gets as much knowledge as possible. She has a wonderful attitude. Her client attention is exemplary, she gives them her undivided attention, makes sure she does her 3 p’s and asks for google reviews even if they have already done one.“ – Yvette Caballero

chelsea student of the month

Starting a Creative Journey

Chelsea is a creative individual who loves expressing her ideas through painting and sketching. She is excited about starting a career path as a stylist because it could offer her that same creative freedom she loves. “I now know I can even go back to my artwork as a painter and sketch artist, and use that creativity to help others as a stylist,” she said.

We’re so happy that Chelsea chose our school to start her creative journey! She has already implemented her artistic ability into her hairstyling, and we can’t wait to see more!

This is an example of the beautiful highlighting work she has done.


Important Lessons She’s Learned

Chelsea has learned a lot throughout her journey in the cosmetology program. She has shared the lessons she’s learned and has some good takeaways from beauty school.

Attitude Is Everything.

Attitude is the reason Chelsea has been so successful here at Avalon School of Cosmetology. “I always try to come in very positive and uplifting because my clients, instructors and peers make me happy,” Chelsea explained. “I try to give 110% and go above and beyond! That’s what I teach my kids, and that’s what I carry out at Avalon.”

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes.

She was surprised that she was passionate about learning more than one skill. She wanted to get her hands into everything such as haircutting, barbering, nails, makeup, and more! Learning comes with a lot of success and mistakes, but luckily Chelsea is someone who likes to learn from her experiences.

“I am not afraid to make mistakes now, because I know that is how I will get better.”

She has learned that failure can lead to success. It’s important for our students to feel comfortable with making mistakes. All of our students are learning, and it’s important that they know mistakes will happen, and we can learn from them.

Beautiful braided updo by Chelsea.


Challenge Yourself!

Chelsea learned quickly that the only thing standing in the way of her success was herself! This means that getting over her own fears was her biggest challenge. Like many of us, she feared stepping out of her comfort zone.

“By getting out of my own box, I found a confidence I didn’t know I had!”

“You are your own critique” is a popular saying that goes along with Chelsea’s fear. We can all learn to have self-confidence and do the things that we love without criticizing ourselves negatively.

This is a soft balayage, blow-dry and style by Chelsea. The braid adds the perfect finishing touch!


Future Ambitions

Chelsea would love to work in a salon and become part of a community. She has already talked to a couple of salons regarding shadowing after beauty school. Shadowing is an opportunity to oversee a beauty professional in their work environment and learn from their skills.

“I just know that I want to be at a salon who will encourage me to take further cosmetology education and will help me in getting better at all aspects of cosmetology,” Chelsea mentioned. “The guest speakers at Avalon have shown me to look for the right fit, and gave me confidence to say, ‘This isn’t for me, but I learned something while I was here.’”

Chelsea is open to a future in barbering as well! She loves that the barbering community is small and that they share the same community as the stylists. She wants to be part of a community that will help each other and agree upon what’s best for the client.

“Our Hanzo Shears’ guest speaker was so knowledgeable and confident, and the American Barbering Association’s guest speakers were so educational, that it has opened me up to a whole different lane to be in!”

girl at beauty school

Want to Be Like Chelsea?

Are you as ambitious as Chelsea is? Do you have a love for creativity and are willing to pursue your dreams? We can help you start a future in our cosmetology program. If you want to use your artistic skills to learn how to cut short hair, check out our barbering program! Contact us today and we can help you choose a career path that fits your dreams.

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