August 13, 2020

Why Should I Choose Avalon Institute?

Avalon Institute has so much to offer! Our students love our flexible schedules, unique programs, and our friendly environment! You can choose from four different locations, and diverse programs. If you’ve been thinking about pursuing your dream career in beauty, learn more about why you should choose Avalon Institute!

Why choose Avalon Institute?

Our School Has Been Around for Over 50 Years!

Our school was founded in 1967 in Mesa, Arizona. This means that we’ve been preparing students for a future in beauty for more than 40 years! Through our years of professional training, we’ve built great partnerships with brands like Dermologica and MAC Cosmetics.
The beauty industry changes fast! Working with brands such as these ensure that we get up-to-date high end products. We follow the latest trends and technologies in the beauty world. This can provide a real-world environment for our students.

The history of Avalon School of CosmetologyWe Prioritize Safety While Building Connections!

Our campuses are full of smart students and instructors. We promote socializing and making friends at a safe distance. We set safety measures to provide a safe experience.
We require our students to clean their stations and wash their hands in between clients. We show our students how to properly clean their tools and use disposable gloves. Our classroom setup allows you to socialize and work with teammates on various projects while keeping a safe distance.
While we’re keeping everyone safe, you can still get an education that can help you build connections, work on your social skills, and know how to provide a clean safe environment.

How Avalon School of Cosmetology is keeping people safe.

Provide Services to Actual Clients

Our students have the unique opportunity to provide beauty services to real clients through our student salon*. Our students first learn skills and techniques in the classroom and practice on mannequins. Once we know our students have received proper training, they get to work in our student salon with the supervision of a licensed professional.

*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Work with clients at Avalon Institute

We Offer a Unique Education

Part of our curriculum that sets us apart from other beauty schools is called Prosper U! This is a business course we offer that can teach beauty students lifelong business skills. The course covers:

  • How to attract new clients
  • Maximizing time with clients
  • In depth training to becoming a licensed professional
  • Marketing
  • Finance management
  • And more

For licensed cosmetologists or estheticians, you can further your education as part of our eyelash extension program! Eyelash extensions are a highly demanded service, and we love staying up to date with the latest beauty demands.

By pursuing this course, you can become trained in as little as 13 hours! We prepare you with a pro-kit that includes all of the tools necessary for adding eyelash extensions to your list of services.

Looking for the right program for you? At Avalon Institute, you can choose from:

For licensed professionals, you can continue your education with our add-on advanced beauty courses, such as:

Information about Avalon School of Cosmetology's curriculum style.

Flexible Schedules and Multiple Locations Are Available

If you have a full-time job or need to stay at home with kids, we offer a variety of class schedules! Depending on the location and the program you choose, you may have the opportunity to choose from a part-time schedule, full-time day schedule, or evening classes after work. The freedom is up to you! We have four locations to choose from:

Talk to the admissions team to find a schedule that works for you. They can help you find other support, too, such as financial aid options. If you want to visit one of our campuses, book a tour today!

Schedules and list of locations at Avalon InstituteFinancial Aid

Don’t wait to start your Dream Career! Scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options are available to those who qualify. You can learn about the ways to pay for school such as school aid and private aid options through your personal bank. It may be possible to get funds through scholarships and grants that you don’t have to pay back!

To apply, you can start by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) ! You might need information such as parents income, social security identification, and other personal information. Contact our admissions team for help applying and they can walk you through the process!

Financial aid options available to those who qualify.

Take the Steps To Get Started

Now that you’ve learned about Avalon Institute, find a program that fits your personality! Do you love giving facials and making your clients feel relaxed? Maybe you want to style hair and makeup for events? Start the application process now to get started in the program of your dreams!

Take the next step at Avalon Institute

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