May 25, 2021

How to Become a Cosmetologist in Las Vegas

Do you enjoy making others look and feel beautiful? Have you ever considered making a living from this enjoyment? If so, a career in cosmetology might be right for you.

There are plenty of reasons for people to pursue a career in cosmetology. For starters, it allows you to work flexible hours, especially if you own your own business. Becoming a cosmetologist is a great option for people who dislike the idea of a traditional 9 to 5. It can even allow you to spend more time with your family or work whenever you want to.

Cosmetologists learn all kinds of skills such as hairstyling, nail services, waxing, makeup artistry, and skincare.

Here are the steps to take to become a cosmetologist in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1. Enroll in a Certified Cosmetology School in Nevada

The first step towards becoming a licensed cosmetologist is to attend a beauty school that is certified by the state government. Accredited beauty schools are trustworthy and have proven that they have integrity towards building a successful future for their students. The National Accrediting Commission of Nevada only accredits schools with curriculums that meet the standards for their board cosmetology licensing exam.

Before you apply, you must understand the Nevada requirements for attending cosmetology school. Applicants for any beauty school in Nevada must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED. During cosmetology school, you are expected to complete Nevada’s requirement of 1,600 training hours and receive a passing grade in each of your courses.

If you are prepared to meet these qualifications, you should find a cosmetology school in Nevada that will set you up for success and enroll in their program. The Cosmetology Program here at the Avalon Institute provides you with lots of hands-on training to prepare you for your future in the beauty industry.

2. Learn and Develop Your Cosmetology Skills

The curriculum for a Cosmetology Program requires that students take courses in the following areas of beauty:

  • Haircutting
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair Extension Application
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Manicuring Techniques

student cutting clients hair

The classes at Avalon Institute are smaller in size, which allows students to obtain more individualized training and feedback from our professionally licensed instructors. We test our students on core beauty theories, techniques, and state-related beauty protocols. All tests and quizzes in our Cosmetology Program are meant to prepare students for their licensing theory exam and future career.

During our courses, students will practice servicing actual clients. This gives them a full understanding of working in a professional beauty setting while working to meet their required 1,600 training hours.

Lastly, our Cosmetology Program teaches students the business side of the beauty industry. By teaching our students basic business skills, we help them market themselves for future job opportunities. We teach skills in writing a resume, interviewing effectively, and job searching.

3. Take the State Board Exam to Receive Your Cosmetology License

Once you have completed all your hours, you will need to take the required Nevada exam to receive your cosmetology license and begin working in the beauty industry.

You must complete a multiple-choice theory section and practical test to receive your license.

1)   Nevada Practical Exam

You need to receive a passing grade on the practical test to pass most beauty schools. During the practical test, you will have to prove your hands-on beauty skills. You will have to perform a series of cosmetology services that you must complete in a set amount of time, such as hair coloring or styling.

Example from the 2020 Nevada Practical Exam:

Nevada exam example

1)   The Nevada Theory Exam:

The multiple-choice Theory Exam is 2-hours long and includes 110 questions. Of these 110 questions, 10 will not be graded. You must receive a grade of 75% or higher to pass this exam and earn your license.

The Nevada Theory Exam will include questions on the following topics:

  • Safety and Infection Control
  • Client Consultation
  • Hair, Scalp, Nails, and Skin Analysis
  • Hairstyling
  • Haircutting
  • Chemical Services
  • Skin Care
  • Makeup
  • Hair Removal
  • Nail Services

It’s important to note that cosmetologists need to renew their licenses. In Nevada, you can choose to have your license renewed on either a 2- or 4-year cycle. To renew your license, you must complete an additional four educational hours.

someone taking an exam

Once you have received your Nevada cosmetology license, you can continue to receive additional certifications for specialized services. For instance, you can take 3 to 6-month courses to become certified in herbal beauty or massage therapy.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are looking to pursue a career as a cosmetologist, you must enroll in a beauty program that cares about your success. A cosmetology school in Las Vegas, Nevada should not only prepare you to pass the exam but also set you up for a successful career.

Avalon Institute provides students with a comprehensive understanding of beauty theory, hands-on training, and business skills. From day one, we create a real learning experience that allows our students to feel comfortable and prepared for their future career as a cosmetologist.

If you are interested in pursuing a cosmetology career in Las Vegas, contact the Avalon Institute today!

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