August 11, 2022

What Makes Avalon A Special Place To Go To Beauty School

At Avalon Institute, we have a lot to offer our students. Our students love our flexible schedule, convenient locations, and our unique programs. While we help our students achieve their goals of entering the beauty industry, we also leave them with an experience that they’ll never forget. Here are some of the reasons why Avalon is a special place to go to beauty school.

Our School Culture

Part of what makes Avalon Institute a special place to go to beauty school is our school’s culture. From our corporate office to the campus we have a team that is constantly striving to create valuable, rewarding experiences for our students, staff, and guests.

Our Dedicated and Passionate Team

For the Avalon Institute’s team, this isn’t just a job, it’s our passion. We genuinely love our students and love what we do. Not only are our instructors passionate, but they’re also educated and experienced. They receive regular continuing education to sharpen their skills in both industry technique and teaching methodology. This provides a more engaging and diverse experience for our students.

Our instructors were once in the shoes of our students, eager to learn and grow their skills. Because of this, their goal is to provide a positive student experience and motivate change in students’ lives with beauty and education.

Our Motivated Students

Students who come to Avalon Institute embody diversity and inclusivity in an ever-changing team-oriented environment. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that embodies the feeling of community and creates a safe haven for our students.

The students who come to Avalon Institute are passionate about beauty and are ready to start their future in the industry. The students impact Avalon’s culture daily by:

  • Creating lasting relationships with peers
  • Supporting fellow peers
  • Wanting to make a difference within the school and community
  • Graduates have a sense of pride and often come back to share their successes

Today, students need a modern education and a supportive environment in order to help them be successful in the beauty industry. Students who come to Avalon Institute are often motivated to start building their business, while in school. They do this by immediately applying what they learn in the classroom on the clinic floor. When students are busy and happy with their education and school experience they put more effort into their performance.

Our Salon and Spa

Part of what makes Avalon a special place is our salon and spa. It’s a place where our students can grow and demonstrate the skills they learned while building a clientele. We believe that one of the best ways for students to learn is through hands-on experiences. This is what creates the confidence they’ll need for their future in the beauty industry.

Business Building Curriculum

When students graduate from Avalon Institute, we want them to leave feeling confident and prepared for their future. Beyond the beauty techniques, students can learn a business-building curriculum by creating and managing a unique experience for the guests in our salon/spa. Students get to experience the key drivers of our success, which include:

  • Average Ticket Price
  • Increasing Clientele through Networking and Marketing
  • Number of Client Visits
  • Retail Average Ticket Price
  • Client Retention
  • Maximizing Appointment Books

As beauty professionals, it is important that our students know their brand. Marketing and maintaining their professional image is important to their future and success. To help students learn business curriculum, we use Prosper U, a business curriculum that teaches students skills that go beyond beauty basics.

New Client Incentive Program

One advantage students get by training in our salon/spa is they get the opportunity to build a clientele before graduation. Part of our curriculum is our New Client Incentive Program. This program helps students market themselves and develop their own clientele. Each student will be given 50 referral cards once they start to work in the student salon. Students will then be able to hand out their cards to clients, who may call and set up appointments with said students. This allows those clients to receive up to 50% off their next visit!

Our High-Quality Education

Today students need a high-quality education that teaches them the skills they need to be successful in the industry. At Avalon Institute, our programs are designed with one goal: to help students succeed in their education.

A Structured Curriculum

We follow a strategic curriculum and schedule to ensure a progressive learning environment. Our students master the fundamentals and build their skill level from the foundation created in the beginning. This also allows us to provide consistency across all shifts, programs, and campuses making any transition seamless.

Variety of Instructional Techniques

At Avalon, no two classes are the same. Key concepts are presented in ways to enable visual, auditory, and kinesthetic for our students and they are involved in their education. Our instructors are passionate about teaching our students and understanding their individual needs. Our classrooms are smaller in size so instructors can offer more support to the students.

Hands-On From Day One

We waste no time immersing our students in their craft. We have students bring in models so they can start gaining confidence early on in their education. Because we are industry-specific and not brand-specific, students get to practice current industry trends on the guests who come to our salon/spa.

We’re AACS Golden School Award Finalists

We’re proud to announce that three of our locations are finalist in the 2022 Golden School Awards. We couldn’t have done this without the hard work of our amazing instructors, staff, and our students of course. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, we’re excited to see what the future holds for Avalon Institue!

  • Layton: School Culture Award
  • Mesa: School of the Year Award
  • Phoenix: Student Spa and Salon Award

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