January 31, 2023

We Were AACS Golden School Awards Finalists

We’re happy to announce that three of our locations were chosen as a finalist for the AACS 2022 Golden School Awards. AACS was founded in 1924 and has a rich history in educating millions of students in the beauty and wellness industry. Every year, they have a Golden School Awards and its purpose is to recognize schools that are making an impact in the beauty industry. We are so appreciative to be a finalist for three categories and it’s all thanks to the hard work of our instructors, staff, and students!

Earning the spot as a finalist is so special to us because it really encapsulates why Avalon Institute is a great place to be. We believe in making a difference in our community and can’t wait to see what’s next for us! Keep reading to learn more about our awards and why we’re so honored to be a finalist!

Layton: School Culture Award

Part of what makes our Layton location special is the school culture. We have a team that is passionate about education and strives to create a valuable, rewarding experience for our students. We believe our students deserve an inclusive environment – which is why we encourage them to let their individuality and diversity shine. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our school culture:

  • Our students: The students who come to us are passionate about beauty and are ready to make an impact in the industry. The students affect Avalon’s culture daily by:
    • Creating lasting relationships with peers
    • Supporting fellow peers
    • Wanting to make a difference within the school and community
    • Graduates have a sense of pride and often come back to share their successes
  • Our community: We believe that community involvement is a powerful way to build character and help our students and the Avalon team grow. The guests who come to us for services are supportive, loyal, and build lasting relationships with our students.
  • Our team: Not only do we nurture our student’s minds, but we nurture their hearts too. Our instructors receive regular continuing education to provide a more engaging experience in the classroom.
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Mesa: School of the Year Award

This award is important to us because it means that you have to have a great school all-around. Avalon is designed with students in mind, and we want them to succeed! So how did our Mesa location become a School of the Year Award finalist?

  • Our school culture: It is our mission to create a culture where our students feel welcomed and can grow into beauty professionals.
  • Our salon and spa: This allows our students to grow and demonstrate the skills they learned while also building a clientele. This gives them experience so they can be ready to take on the real world.
  • Our education: Students need a modern education that teaches them the skills they require to be successful. We provide:
    • A structured curriculum
    • A variety of instrumental techniques
    • Hands-on experience
    • State board preparation
    • Advanced education
    • Hybrid learning
    • Guest speakers
  • Student activities: The more engaged students are with their education, the more likely they are to graduate as confident beauty professionals.
  • Career services: We have a dedicated career service member who is passionate about helping our students reach their career goals.
  • Financial aid: We don’t believe that money should stop our students from pursuing their dreams. That’s why we offer financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans.
  • Our admissions process: A beauty education should begin with a simple process. Our admissions process is 3 simple steps!

This award goes hand-in-hand with what we strive to provide at all our locations.

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Phoenix: Student Spa and Salon Award

Our Phoenix location is a finalist for the AACS Golden School Awards for our student spa and salon. We believe that one of the best ways for students to learn is through hands-on experiences. We believe that these eight factors make our salon/spa a special place:

  • Our clientele: Guests who come to our student salon/spa come for 2 things: quality services and to support our student’s educational needs.
  • Our consultation process: No matter the service you’re coming to us for, we want all our guests to leave satisfied and happy with their experience. Our consultation process is used to keep things consistent for our guests and as an educational tool for our students.
  • Professional product lines: We only believe in using products we would use ourselves. Not only are we using what we believe is best for our guests, but we’re providing students ongoing product knowledge training.
  • Real-life experience: We believe that one of the best ways for students to learn is through real-world experiences. When guests step into Avalon’s salon/spa, they’re getting the same experience as if they were to walk into a high-end salon.
  • Our facility: No matter which campus students choose to study at, they can expect all of Avalon Institutes’ campuses to be aesthetically pleasing, conducive to learning, and modern.
  • Service menu: With our wide range of services and reasonable prices, we’re encouraging the growth of clients coming in and giving our students hands-on experience.
  • Promotions: We offer our students monthly promotions to increase the number of specific services and increase student hands-on practice.
  • Business building curriculum: Beyond the beauty techniques, students can learn a business-building curriculum by creating and managing a unique experience for the guest/ customer service.
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