February 7, 2023

Pampering Yourself With Your Besties On Galentine’s Day

Happy Galentine’s Day – one of our favorite days of the year! It’s a time to celebrate your love with all your favorite gal pals. Surprisingly, Galentines was created by none other than Amy Poehler herself. It was first introduced in a Parks and Recreation episode and has been popular ever since!

So, the real question is how do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? There are a lot of ways to celebrate – the only rule being that you can’t celebrate with your significant other. We’ve rounded out a couple of our favorite ways to celebrate and pamper yourself with your besties on Galentine’s Day!

Spa Day

Pamper yourself and your besties with a day at the spa! Our *student salon offers full-services at an affordable price. From hair care to nail care, come in for a day of selfcare with your besties! If you’re looking to have a relaxing day, schedule an appointment with us now! Pampering yourself this Galentine’s Day is something we all deserve!

*all services performed by students under the supervision of instructors

Pampering Yourself With Your Besties On Galentine’s Day

Get Crafty

If you and your besties consider yourselves to be DIY queens, then celebrate Galentine’s Day with a craft night! There are plenty of options to choose from to get your creative juices flowing. Here are a couple ideas you can do:

  • Paint night
  • Wreath making
  • Jewelry
  • Bouquet making
  • Soap making
  • Candle making
  • Knitting

Shopping Spree

A big part of Valentine’s Day is gift giving, so Galentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity to get yourself something nice! Instead of spending money on a nice dinner, spend money on an item you’ve been eyeing! This could be clothes, accessories, beauty products, or anything else you and your friends might enjoy.

Movie Marathon

Snuggle up with blankets, snacks, and your besties! You probably all have your favorite romantic movies, so why not binge watch them all together? This is a great idea for a low key celebration. Everyone loves a good excuse to throw on sweats and lounge around with friends!

Pampering Yourself With Your Besties On Galentine’s Day

Take A Workout Class

Exercise is always better with friends – especially because misery loves company. If you’ve always wanted to try a new workout class, now is the perfect time! You can look up workouts online and do them in your living room or you can look for local gyms that offer hot yoga, pilates, cycling, etc. You’ll leave feeling mentally and physically better, and doing it alongside your besties is just icing on the cake!

Cook A Meal Together

Make breakfast for dinner or make a 7 course meal! Whatever you guys are craving, have fun with it! You could even take this one step further and hold a cooking class party. Hire a chef to come teach you and your besties how to cook! This is a great way to try something new and enjoy the time spent with your friends.

Secret Cupid

Similar to Secret Santa, but Galentine’s edition! Everyone brings a gift – whether it be chocolate, a favorite beauty product, or your favorite accessory. Exchange the gifts and go home with something you didn’t have before! This is a great way to liven up any Galentine’s Day celebration.

Host A Photoshoot

The perfect celebration that you’ll always remember. Grab a digital camera or a Polaroid and start taking photos of the moment! You can make so many lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever. You can even create a cute backdrop in your living room and bring props to spice it up. You can even make this a tradition and do this every year. That way you’ll have a photo memory of all your friends, and see how you’ve changed throughout the years.

Pampering Yourself With Your Besties On Galentine’s Day

Remember To Celebrate Your Friendships!

Galentine’s Day is just an excuse to love a little extra on your friends, but take time throughout the year to celebrate your friends! If you need more tips on how to pamper yourself with skincare, haircare or nails, don’t hesitate to reach out! We would love to get you scheduled for a day at the student salon! We can’t wait to pamper you and your besties!

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