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Don't let anything stand in the way of pursuing the career of your dreams! You could receive a part of the over $100,000 in scholarships Avalon School of Cosmetology gives out every year, with different financial aid options available to those who qualify. You can make your beauty school dream a reality with the help of our admissions department, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities.


You can graduate and start your career quickly with Avalon’s full-time cosmetology program which can be finished in as little as 55 weeks. This means when you learn cosmetology with Avalon, you could start a career in just over a year! Our part-time cosmetology course can allow you flexibility if you want to work or have other responsibilities while you're in school. Talk to our admissions team about scheduling options today.

A Love
of Beauty

Do you have a passion for beauty and a drive to succeed? If so, we want to help you reach your goals in the beauty industry. You can feel supported by our admissions team, teachers, and fellow students who share a love of beauty. It is possible for you to build a successful career as a beauty professional, let Avalon School of Cosmetology help you reach that dream.



I am currently a student at Avalon and I wouldn't go anywhere else! The campus is nice, clean, and pretty well organized. The instructors all have great attitudes and are so happy to help. I am never afraid to ask a question or ask for assistance. I definitely chose the right place to learn about cosmetology.

Kimberly Cook

The teachers here are really amazing. You really get the sense that they are trying to get you to learn. The teachers would teach the way a teacher should teach: through protection and nourishment. If there was something you didn't get, they would walk you through until you got it. When you come here, you don't make friends, you make family. Creative, inspirational, driven, fun, and practical are all words I would use to describe Avalon School of Cosmetology.

Lex Rosa