Admissions Process
& Requirements

At Avalon Insitute, we believe that beauty education should begin with a simple application process. That’s why our admissions process is just three simple steps.

Application Process. Step 1 Meet Application Requirements. Step 2 Meet with an admissions representative. Step 3 Submit an application packet.

1. Meet Application Requirements

We only have two application requirements: Do you speak and write English fluently and do you have a high school diploma or equivalent? English is the language of instruction in our schools, so you’ll need to be able to speak and write it fluently to get the most out of our programs. While a high school diploma or equivalent is the general requirement, concurrent enrollment is available to current high school students at our Layton location and all of our locations are happy to work with current high school students to find a solution that works for them.

2. Meet with an Admissions Representative

If you meet the admissions requirements, request an appointment with an Admissions Representative. After you fill out the form you can expect an Admissions Representative to contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss the course work and your career goals to ensure the program aligns with your career plans. Once we make sure it’s a good fit, you can get a recommendation from the Admissions Representative and you’ll be ready to move onto the third step.

3. Submit an Application Packet

When you meet with a representative, you can expect to learn more about the formal process and deadlines for submission. Keep in mind that to submit an application you will need proof of diploma or equivalent, a signed Enrollment Agreement, and to pay a small application fee.

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In the meantime, take a look at our programs so you know what options are available when you meet with an Admissions Representative. If you have any questions, our representatives are happy to answer your questions and help find you as many resources as they can.


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