Advanced Beauty Classes

Two week courses, lifetime skills

Avalon Institute also offers comprehensive training that can be completed in tandem with one of our programs, or independently as a non-matriculated (not seeking a licensure) student. Choose from, or plan to take all of our Advanced courses and gain the skills you want. In just two weeks, you could be ready to take on clients confidently.

Makeup Artistry

This course can be added to our existing Cosmetology and Esthetics programs; or can be completed independently as Advanced Training. Learn the fundamentals of modern beauty makeup trends and practice them daily. Develop the confidence to begin taking on clients in a quickly-growing field. (Can be taken with with cosmetology or esthetics)

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Eyelash Extensions

(Can be taken with cosmetology or esthetics)

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Advanced Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are growing in popularity, demand for professionals with the skill and knowledge to install them properly is growing too. Learn how to add length, adjust length, volume, texture and color in our comprehensive training program. (Can be taken with cosmetology)
To learn more about our advanced beauty courses and how to enroll, request more info from us here!

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Wondering if Avalon Institute is the right beauty school for you? See what students have to say about their experiences at each of our cosmetology and esthetics schools!

I’m a stage 1 student and I absolutely love it here! Ms.gg is the best teacher ever!!!! She teaches us many things and encourages us to get out of our comfort zone! I can’t wait to learn so much more from this school! The environment and the students are super friendly and incredible to get along with.

Avalon Institute Student

While being a student here at Avalon I enjoyed my experience. The instructors were fun understanding and overall just a great time. I learned a lot while I was here and can’t wait for the next chapter in my life.

Adell G.